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Wine Investment FAQs

What are your fees?

We charge a 12.5% management fee this includes a period of 5 years administration and covers the following:

  • Initial Fine Wine Investment Proposal

  • Storage account setup with your own account at Vine International (part of Liv-ex)

  • Storage and insurance

  • Portfolio management - expert buying & selling advice

  • Arrange visit to Vine International (part of Liv-ex) storage to verify your fine wine purchases

  • Fine wine valuations - Includes fine wine held with other fine wine merchants

  • Condition reports (SIB passport) and photos

  • Portfolio sales

  • No charge for liquidation

  • No charge for re-investments

  • Delivery & handling

Are you wine prices competitive?

We always aim to get our members the lowest price in the fine wine market at Liv-ex market price or lower. We are more than happy to share the actual buying prices with our members so the process is totally transparent.


We do not make any margin on any wines we sell to our members. It is clear a number of merchants levy a 5-15% margin on wines they sell, once you have included the management fee you are looking at 25% of costs to create a fine wine portfolio. We are confident we are offering the best service and value for money for our members.

Please download our live pricelist click here!

Are my wines insured?

Yes all your wines are fully insured.

How does your management fee compare to the market?

Generally wine investment companies will charge a 15% management fee. In some cases there will be an additional fee e.g. 10% to sell your wines and they may take a % of the profits. Bordeaux Investment fees are one of the most competitive in the UK market.

Where are my wines stored?

All fine wines are stored safely at Vine International part of London City Bond.

How much does storage and insurance cost?

All storage fees are covered by the 12.5% management fee.

How much do you charge for selling my wine?

If you are a client paying a management fee there is no additional charge. If you wish to transfer your wines to Bordeaux Investment Limited to sell we charge a 10% brokerage fee.

What is the minimum level of investment?

You can invest from as little as £10,000, although our recommendation would be £20,000 if you want to make a significant return on your investment.

What is the recommended investment time frame?

We would recommend a term of 5 years at the very least.

Are my wines insured?

Yes, the initial management fee covers the insurance of all your wines.

I own wines with another merchant; can I transfer them to you?

Yes that is not a problem. There is a very small charge per case for doing this. You must however check with the merchant who holds your wines currently as they may have a charge for this as well.

Are there any tax benefits?

Wine investment is free from Capital Gains Tax as it is deemed a wasting asset. Inheritance tax will be subject to tax on the value of the wine not the purchase price. We highly recommend you seek advice from a tax expert before investing.

Do you sell Bordeaux En Primeur?

Yes, every year we will be offering Bordeaux en primeur. We have excellent relationships in Bordeaux and can secure any wine at the best market price. Please register your interest click here!


Does wine go down in value?

Like any investment the value of wine can go down as well as up.

Can I release some of my portfolio to drink?

Yes you can, simply pay the VAT, duty and delivery.

What happens if Bordeaux Investment shuts down?

All your money is invested in the fine wine, not Bordeaux Investment Limited so your investment is perfectly safe and secure.

If you have any further questions please call +44 (0)20 8065 5588 or email

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